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Extrusion Operator
Posted: June 10 2021

<p><strong>Purpose:</strong><br /> To work as part of a team in running quality product per specifications, while maintaining a safe and clean work area, understanding that all operators are responsible for any line and are required to assist other operators when needed.</p> <p><br /> <strong>Essential Duties and Responsibilities:</strong><br /> 1. Assist foreman, leadman or tool and die man during string up of extrusion lines, assist with die head changes when needed.<br /> 2. Perform or assist dismounting, mounting, disassembly, assembly and cleaning extrusion heads and die sets when needed. <br /> 3. Clean vent and vacuum, and insure all filters are clean and in place, insure magnets are in place at the beginning of every shift.<br /> 4. Adjust all downstream equipment to obtain spec, as needed.<br /> 5. Make wall adjustments, O.D. adjustments, start up lines, puller, adjust saw for proper cut and length, adjust vacuum to insure proper O.D, as needed.<br /> 6. Monitor all line controls and make proper adjustments and corrections to the line as needed in order to produce a quality product. <br /> 7. Check temperature profiles every 6 hours and diagnose and correct controller and thermocouple problems.<br /> 8. Read and apply dial calipers, standard measuring tape, radius gauges, and other tools as necessary for checking the dimensions of product or at request of leadman or foreman. <br /> 9. Square check every hour<br /> 10. Check inserts and jigs every two hours<br /> 11. Check the correct routing dimensions on the 5x5 post and record on QC report<br /> 12. Check the warp and bow on each product and record minimum and maximum spec on QC report<br /> 13. Check the notch depth for the 1.5 x 5.5 and record on QC report<br /> 14. Recognize incorrectly produced product and immediately correct, or alert foreman or Quality Control inspector of any problems.<br /> 15. Collect and preserve samples when requested by Quality Control.<br /> 16. Clean filters as needed on water tanks, bypassing filters and heat exchangers when cleaning, making sure we are not using city water.<br /> 17. Properly document findings every hour, filling out the required paperwork in a timely manner.<br /> 18. Make sure to keep production lines clear and free of clutter, waste, water and other foreign objects.<br /> 19. Understand and use proper safety equipment and follow all safety rules.<br /> 20. When necessary, operate forklift to move product and supply material.<br /> 21. Other job duties as assigned to assist in daily production.</p>